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Tasting Notes

This blend has a fruity and citrus flavour with a natural sourness to it.

To substitute Zatar, combine Hyssop, Sumac berries, and roasted Sesame seeds or combine Sumac, Thyme, Marjoram, Salt, and Sesame seeds. It is often used as a condiment like salt & pepper, so you can be liberal in your sprinkling into salads, casseroles, soups…literally anything you fancy!

Product Range


Zatar Spice Blend

An aromatic herb and sesame seasoning inspired by Middle Eastern cooking. Mix 2 tsp with olive oil and drizzle over salad.


Sesame Seeds (40%), Sumac, Thyme (12%), Marjoram (9%), Oregano (5%), Basil (2%), Salt, Sunflower Oil.

Storage Information

Store in a cool dry place.


40g e

Country of Origin

Produce of more than one country. Packed in the UK.

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